Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Okay, so pretty much this is awesome and is totally going to be an amazing opportunity for people to talk and hear about the gospel. The church has released a video called, "He is the Gift." Our mission president has asked us to share it with EVERYONE! Post in on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, anyway you can! He wants us to talk to people about Christ and remember the true meaning of Christmas. It is easy to talk about Christ, during this time of year.

As the Christmas spirit is in full blow, it is important to remember who we are really celebrating for. Keep the Christ in Christmas and help others feel it as well. Discover the gift, embrace the gift and then share the gift. My invitation to all is to watch the video and to share it with everyone! EVERYONE!

"Christmas is a time of reflection on what we can become because of God’s sacred gift. As we discover the gift, we learn of the immeasurable love of God and our absolute need for a Savior. As we embrace the gift, we strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ and our desire to become more like Him. As we share the gift, we follow in the Master’s footsteps, who invited all to hear His message.
May we find greater holiness in our own lives and share the gift with others this Christmas season."
      -Russell M. Nelson

Here is the link to the video:


Hopefully you all can experience miracles by discovering the gift, embracing it, and then sharing it!

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