Monday, April 28, 2014

Don't Let the Bed Bug Bite

Well family and friends, the mission never ceases to amaze me! We found some miracles this week and it is so fun to see the Lord's hand in this work! In one of the wards that I serve in, a missionary gave his homecoming talk yesterday and he said this, "The mission may have not been the best 2 years of my life, but it was the best 2 years for my life." This is so true. The lessons and habits that I am learning now are going to help me for the rest of my life as a mother, wife, and hopefully nurse. I am so excited for the next 10 months!

First, there is a lady named Lily. I found her while I was looking through the old area book and her name just stood out to me. We called her and scheduled and appointment. When we got to her house she was so excited to see us! She had met with missionaries before but they had to stop teaching her because she chose not getting married over getting baptized, so she stopped progressing. She told us after they stopped teaching her, she felt like something was missing. She has been waiting for the missionaries to call her for about a year now because she lost the number. The first time we taught her she told us that she was still reading from the Book of Mormon and that she wanted to get baptized! Oh it was so cool! I just keep smiling the whole time and I wanted to cry. We will have to work with her on a few things because she is still not married but that won't stop us.

Miracle! number 2 (continuation from last weeks miracle). Our first day in this area, after we cleaned the apartment for a little while, we went out and tried to learn our area. We decided to do something called "spirit knocking" so we got in the car and at every light Hermana McDaniel and I would either say, "Right or left" and we would choose. After about 10 minutes we ended up on this street so we just decided to knock it. The first few people we met were crazy but then we met the sweetest lady ever named Liz. We have taught her a few of the lessons and she agreed to be baptized. When we were teaching her on Saturday, she told us that she had always wanted to go and talk to the boys that wear white shirts and ties but she was always to scared, so when we knocked on the door that day she told us that we were an answer to her prayers!

Heavenly Father has been preparing these people and now we are just finding so many miracles and people that have just been waiting for Sisters to finally be in this area! It is amazing. The first few days here, my companion and I were questioning why they decided to put sisters here after so many dangerous things had happened in the past. But everyday we get another answer and another confirmation that we are supposed to be here!

About the bed bugs.....So one morning I was showering and I started to get really itchy. So after the shower I looked at my legs and my back and there were bites all over. I told my companion and we decided to check out my beg so we pulled off my sheets and low and behold there we beg bugs hiding in the creases of the mattress. We pulled off my sheet and blankets and right away put them in the washing machine and we put off my mattress and put it outside on our porch. We called the Elder in charge of the housing and he brought this huge heat fan because bed bugs die with heat and cooked our apartment at 150 degrees and I got a new mattress. All of our food melted and our apartment was burning hot all night. It felt like I was sleeping under the sun all night long and the next day we had Interviews with President Durrant. We got the worst sleep ever, but at least the bugs are gone now.

Interviews with President Durrant were great. He always knows what to say and he knows how to pick your mind but he gives great advice as well. I cant believe that he leaves in July, he has been such a huge influence in my mission! The trainings from my new zone leaders were great. It is so cool to see people my age who are having success and having their testimony grow just like mine.

This week was great, and a shout out to my brother and his prom date, you guys looked amazing! Hope everyone has a great week!


Hermana Cattich


Monday, April 7, 2014


Conference was amazing! So first off, my mission president has been called as a General Authority. All of the missionaries here are so excited for all that President Durrant will do after his service here as a mission president. I am a firm believer that President Durrant was one of the reasons that I was called to this mission. He is amazing and he makes you be obedient without even trying. It has been amazing to be under his direction for the past almost 7 months. I have learned so much and grown so much as well and I owe so much to him. He will be amazing and fulfill his calling in the Sunday School Presidency of the Church. 

This week was wonderful. I got to go to the temple with Hermana Ruesch as an early birthday present! It was so great. I needed the temple to just sit and reflect about everything that has happened these past 6 months! It was perfect timing for Conference. We were able to watch all the sessions with our recent converts or investigators. We asked all of them to think of questions and think about them before the session! We promised them that their questions would be answered. I think that Conference is the perfect opportunity to get questions answered and to receive a sure witness that this is the true church. We were able to make the Sanchez Family french toast before the Sunday morning session. They really liked conference and so did our investigator Oliva.

There are so many miracles that are happening in Plano, and I am so lucky to be here. The words of Holland about being a missionary ring true. I love being a missionary. I am just living the dream here in the Texas Dallas Mission. We have transfer calls this week, and I hope I don't get transferred! 

Have a great week!

Hermana Cattich