Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pompas....I MEAN PAPAS!

Oh my goodness, this week was amazing! I have the best story to tell!
So a few weeks ago we were knocking, and we talked to this man and set up a return appointment for Sunday. We couldn't go back because the time of the baptism changed. So on Tuesday, we decided to go back and find the man again. As we were walking up to the door, a boy came out and asked us kind of rudely what we wanted and why we were there. We kindly explained to him our purpose and who we were. He asked us what we could tell him that would help him and we started to bear our testimonies. He then told us that he wanted us to come in and hear more of what we had. 

As we were talking to him he started to open up to us and he was just saying things that were amazing! We were scrambling for something to share with him because we wanted the lesson to be perfect. He was telling us how he knew that Heavenly Father was there and loved him. He said that he wanted to pray to Heavenly Father. We told him that when he prays he will be talking to Heavenly Father and he will hear and answer his prayers. We then had him pray and it was the most heartfelt prayer I have ever heard. It was about 5 minutes long. We were all crying, the spirit was so strong. After the prayer we asked him what he felt, and he said that he felt loved! We were so excited! He said that he was thankful that we could keep the promises that we said would happen. He then told us when he saw us walking up the path that he wanted to turn us away, but something told him not to. I was seriously in shock when he was saying all this stuff! At the end of the lesson he said that he knows this is the path that God wants him to take. My jaw literally dropped! We have another appointment with him today so we will see what happens!

We are working with some great investigators! We have a family named the Sanchez family and they have 3 boys. The missionaries here have been teaching them for 4 months so it has been a long process but we aren't going to give up on them. The mom and middle son want to get baptized so bad. The dad knows that it is true but I think he doubts himself a lot. They have been coming to church for the last 2 months! We have some other people that we are working with, but so many aren't married. This is such a big problem, but it is ok, I just have to be patient and know that Heavenly Father will put people in my life that are ready to hear the gospel. 

For Valentines Day, we did service at Salvation Army with Elder Lee and Elder Cooper. It was amazing! We feed a ton of people and Hermana Munyer and I also made cupcakes for all the missionaries and our investigators. Valentines Day means nothing in the mission field but it was still fun! 

So, I had another slip up with my Spanish this week! We were at dinner with a family in our ward and the lady asked what kind of veggies I like. I replied, "Pompas" right when I said it, Elder Belnap looked at me with wide eyes and started shaking his head and my companion started laughing. The lady didn't know what to do! I soon realized what said. I meant to say papas which is potatoes not pompas which means buttcheecks. Oops! Well it created a good laugh! 

Missionary work is amazing every single day. Our Zone Leaders asked every companionship to sacrifice something. Hermana Munyer and I leave the house everyday at 11 instead of 12 and we eat lunch at 10 so that we can leave. Because of this, we have seen so many miracles. I love this work so much, and now that it is starting to warm up!! YAY! I love Texas and I love being a missionary! I can't believe tomorrow I hit 5 months...where has the time gone!

I hope everyone has a great week! And thank you so much for the letters and packages for Valentines Day.
Con amor, 
Hermana Cattich


Monday, February 10, 2014

The Putz Family!

This week has been crazy but it has been so fun. Can I just say that I love this mission and I love being a missionary! So, I finally had my first baptism. The amazing Putz family from Lewisville was baptized yesterday. The father, mother and oldest son! It was amazing. I got to stand on the side of the font and help Hermana Putz out of the water! I gave her a big hug and I couldn't help but cry. It was the most amazing thing in my life. When they bore their testimonies at the end of the baptism, I couldn't help but cry. This family has just taken the biggest step to becoming a forever family. Hopefully in a year I will be able to go through the temple with them because I will still be on my mission!

Watching this family grow and change in the gospel was amazing! They were a referral from another city and they actually didn't want us to ever come over, but after we taught the for the first time, they wanted to be baptized. Heavenly Father really prepared them and they were so receptive to the gospel. The gospel changes lives and it brings hope to so many people, I love being apart of this work. Going back to my old area was fun as well. I saw a lot of friendly faces and some old missionaries. Hermana Munyer and I were invited to go to dinner with the Beard family in the branch, the Putz family and Hermana Vigil and her new companion. It was a great day!

This week was also crazy because it was our Branch Conference and I was in charge of the music. I had this musical number all planned out for the Relief Society but we got some snow so no one was able to come to the practices. Finally on Saturday night, the Branch President called us and told us that him and his wife could do the duet. Well on Sunday morning she woke up sick. The musical number didn't work out and I was scrambling to find another song. It was great!

There was also a huge lesson that I learned this week in preparing this musical number! So we had one practice at the church on Wednesday night but Hermana Munyer and I had a lesson at the church as well an hour before the practice. I thought that we would for sure be done with the lesson by the time we had music practice. The man that was coming for the lesson was so late. Finally he showed up at 6:35 and we were supposed to be somewhere else at 7. When he got to the church he just talked with everyone in the halls and we tried to get him to sit down so we could talk to him. I really started to be impatient. Finally at 6:52 we sat down with him. We started to tell him that today we were going to talk about the atonement. He started to cry and he told us that that is exactly what he needed to hear about. I was stopped in my tracks. While my companion was talking all I could do was think that this man really needed some people to talk to because he is broken and I am trying to race through this lesson. I felt so bad and guilty. That is not my purpose as a missionary. The lesson went long, but that was okay. This man is great and hopefully we can continue to work with him. I learned that I really need to love and make time for everyone, even if is an inconvenience to me because everyone is a child of God.

We also had a Zone Training this week and it was probably the best one that I have been to. My Zone Leaders and District Leaders are great! They always talk about things that I need help with and train on things that I need to work on. This work is so amazing and so is this gospel. Even when it is freezing cold outside all I want to do is knock doors... (never thought I would ever say that!) The missionaries in this mission are great and so are the people. Even if right now is a little slow, I continue to see miracles everyday. We are in the process of finding people but it has been great. The ward here gives us so many referrals here so that is nice!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!! Love you all and thanks for your support!! Happy Valentines Day!! Valentines Day means nothing in the mission, but I am sure that day will be great for someone!

Hermana Cattich


The Tale of the 4 Sick Misisonaries

First, I want you all to know that Heavenly Father loves you all so very much. We are all children of God and he has given us this life on earth to learn and grow. I know that sometimes it is difficult but Heavenly Father never lets us suffer alone. He is always with us. I feel Heavenly Fathers love everyday and I see miracles. It is amazing to have a calling where I can be an instrument in the Lord's hands and promise people blessings!  This week was great! Plano is so ready to hear and accept the gospel. We find people everyday to teach. So many people are looking for a place to belong and a church to belong to, it is amazing! Heavenly Father places people in our path everyday just to talk to and it is never just a coincidence that we meet them. We don't have very many progressing investigators right now but that is okay. We are trying to find more people to teaching so we are in the finding process.

This past week we (Elder Manning, Elder Belnap, Hermana Munyer and I) ate with a member. The food was great, of course there was beans so I knew that I was going to have a stomach ache later on that night. (That is usually my side effect of eating beans.) Well that night, I was totally fine. I was so happy, I thought that I had finally over come my bean eating problem. Well the next day Hermana Munyer and I were fighting for the bathroom. We then got a text message from the Elders asking if we were having any "side effects" from the meal last night? They continued to tell us that they were both having problems and fighting for the bathroom as well. All 4 of us got food poisoning! We were all stuck inside for a day. We had to teach English class though that night, so we all went to the church and tried to make it through a lesson. Food poisioning is always fun!

Other than that my week was great! Hermana Munyer and I were knocking in some appartments and a lady answered the door. She asked us if we were the "missionaries de los santos dias?" We both replied yes! She willingly let us in and was telling us how she had met with the missionaries back in Kansas but that her husband does not like our church. She has even been to church a few times and still reads the Book of Mormon. It was crazy! We have a lesson with her later on this week. We are also working with a family right now. They are what we like to call "eternal investigators" but we are really starting to work with them and have deep lessons. We are always bringing members to try and fellowship them. They are a wonderful family and they have such a strong testimony, they just need to take the leap of faith. That is a hard part for so many people, to leave their family traditions behind and start something new, but I know that they know that this church is true!

On Sunday, I have the awesome opportunity to go back to Lewisville and see the Putz family be baptized. I am so excited for them and I cannot wait to see them. They are my miracle family and I know that they are making the best decision ever. I am so proud of them!

I have such a strong testimony that this gospel changes lives. It makes people want to be better and it promises us so many blessings if we are obedient. I know that my family is forever and that the plan that Heavenly Father has for us is a plan of true and everlasting happiness. I am so grateful to have this gospel in my life. Thank you for all the support that I have! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Hermana Cattich