Monday, February 10, 2014

The Putz Family!

This week has been crazy but it has been so fun. Can I just say that I love this mission and I love being a missionary! So, I finally had my first baptism. The amazing Putz family from Lewisville was baptized yesterday. The father, mother and oldest son! It was amazing. I got to stand on the side of the font and help Hermana Putz out of the water! I gave her a big hug and I couldn't help but cry. It was the most amazing thing in my life. When they bore their testimonies at the end of the baptism, I couldn't help but cry. This family has just taken the biggest step to becoming a forever family. Hopefully in a year I will be able to go through the temple with them because I will still be on my mission!

Watching this family grow and change in the gospel was amazing! They were a referral from another city and they actually didn't want us to ever come over, but after we taught the for the first time, they wanted to be baptized. Heavenly Father really prepared them and they were so receptive to the gospel. The gospel changes lives and it brings hope to so many people, I love being apart of this work. Going back to my old area was fun as well. I saw a lot of friendly faces and some old missionaries. Hermana Munyer and I were invited to go to dinner with the Beard family in the branch, the Putz family and Hermana Vigil and her new companion. It was a great day!

This week was also crazy because it was our Branch Conference and I was in charge of the music. I had this musical number all planned out for the Relief Society but we got some snow so no one was able to come to the practices. Finally on Saturday night, the Branch President called us and told us that him and his wife could do the duet. Well on Sunday morning she woke up sick. The musical number didn't work out and I was scrambling to find another song. It was great!

There was also a huge lesson that I learned this week in preparing this musical number! So we had one practice at the church on Wednesday night but Hermana Munyer and I had a lesson at the church as well an hour before the practice. I thought that we would for sure be done with the lesson by the time we had music practice. The man that was coming for the lesson was so late. Finally he showed up at 6:35 and we were supposed to be somewhere else at 7. When he got to the church he just talked with everyone in the halls and we tried to get him to sit down so we could talk to him. I really started to be impatient. Finally at 6:52 we sat down with him. We started to tell him that today we were going to talk about the atonement. He started to cry and he told us that that is exactly what he needed to hear about. I was stopped in my tracks. While my companion was talking all I could do was think that this man really needed some people to talk to because he is broken and I am trying to race through this lesson. I felt so bad and guilty. That is not my purpose as a missionary. The lesson went long, but that was okay. This man is great and hopefully we can continue to work with him. I learned that I really need to love and make time for everyone, even if is an inconvenience to me because everyone is a child of God.

We also had a Zone Training this week and it was probably the best one that I have been to. My Zone Leaders and District Leaders are great! They always talk about things that I need help with and train on things that I need to work on. This work is so amazing and so is this gospel. Even when it is freezing cold outside all I want to do is knock doors... (never thought I would ever say that!) The missionaries in this mission are great and so are the people. Even if right now is a little slow, I continue to see miracles everyday. We are in the process of finding people but it has been great. The ward here gives us so many referrals here so that is nice!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!! Love you all and thanks for your support!! Happy Valentines Day!! Valentines Day means nothing in the mission, but I am sure that day will be great for someone!

Hermana Cattich


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