Monday, October 27, 2014

Babe's Chicken

Well another week has come and gone in the mission field, I am just grateful that it is cooling down here in the state of Texas and that everyone is in the Halloween mood. It if fun to knock doors and see everyones Halloween decorations. I love the fall season! It is the best season to be a missionary!
Decided to "Boo" some of the missionaries in our area!
This week was another slow one, but I am learning really fast to recognize the little miracles. The family that we are teaching is super great! They invited us to a birthday party of their daughter and they want to come to church. Church is always the hardest part for people, I don't really understand why, but when they finally come to church you feel like you have accomplished a marathon, but this week we did just that. A few weeks ago we had a dinner with an older woman in our ward. She is a little bit crazy but she has a big heart and loves to help the missionaries. When we were leaving, there was a man walking into his apartment, so we decided to contact him. Our member was pretty much jumping down his throat that he needed to listen to us. We gently played it off and walked away not thinking much of it. Earlier this week we got a phone call from the member saying that the man was interested to hear a message, so we set up an appointment and taught him in her apartment. The lesson was fine, the member got us off topic a lot talking about unvirtuous women and super random topics but all was good. She then told the man that he was going to drive her to church on Sunday, and that he didn't have a choice! We were shocked that he actually showed up yesterday to church. He is an interesting man and around us he is kind of awkward, but he made so many friends in Priesthood! It was crazy! Oh well, Heavenly Father is blessing us for our efforts.
This week there is a family in our ward that took us out to dinner, they took us to the famous Babe's Chicken! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! I am taking my family there when we come back and visit! It is a classic Texas place with lots of fried chicken! They are some of my favorite members! AH, I love being a missionary!
I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us. I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God and that we have the commandments to help us and not hinder us. I love living the gospel because it only helps me be happier in life. I love being a missionary and sharing this gospel with others, I love Jesus Christ. I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Hermana Cattich
Sunday evening walk in the park!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tender Mercies!

Well this week was another fun week full of knocking doors but my companion and I have been able to have good, deep talks about realizing the tender mercies that Heavenly Father has blessed us with everyday. It is been a really cool experience to reflect on how we see our Heavenly Father help us and bless us everyday. This week, one of the elders that is serving in my zone, got hit by a car on his bike so we offered them our car because the elder was having troubles walking. We were without a car for a little while, but that was great! We were able to talk to so many people on the streets as we were walking, stopped people bus stops and visited a lot of laundry mats. It was really good! We also are working with a less active family, the Anguianos and they are soooo funny! They will always make us really good hispanic food but they always seem to find a way to make fun of me for not liking beans! They are great!
An update on Fransisco and Vivanna, (the family that we found last week!) They are awesome! We had a lesson with them yesterday night about the Book of Mormon. They are so eager and willing to read the Book of Mormon. We were also invited to the birthday party of their 8 year old daughter, which is great because we have only been meeting with them for about a week now. We have made a really good friendship with them though. The blessings of Heavenly Father are everywhere, we just have to stop and think about them everyonce in awhile. I feel like as a missionary sometimes I am rushed to meet the number goals that we have set, or to just go out and work and knock till my knuckles bleed, but Hermana Walton has really taught me to appreciate the little things. Heavenly Father has so many tender mercies for his missionaries, and I am so lucky to be able to see them first hand!
Have a great week, I love you all!
Hermana Cattich

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wow, wow, wow. This week has had its ups and downs, but when is that not the case as a missionary! So to begin, last Tuesday our whole mission got together to watch Meet the Mormons and have a mission wide breakfast! It was so fun to see everyone and the movie was so good! There is apart about missionaries and everyone was crying. It was crazy! We had a little fireside as a mission too, our mission president is amazing! He just knows exactly what to do to bring our mission together. On Wednesday, we had interviews, and that is where our Zone gets together and our leaders train us and we have personal interviews with President Taylor! They were so good. There were different missionaries in the zone that trained on different things and the spirit was so strong! We were all crying and we had a little testimony meeting, I love my zone! The interviews with President are good but short, but you can still talk about all the things that you need to.

Wednesday we found bed bugs again. AGAIN! I am so done with bugs! So once again we had to evacuate our room, deep clean everything and wash every single article of clothing. It took forever. That's all we did on Thursday. It was so frustrating for me because we couldn't go out and work at all because we had to fix the problem we had. Beg bugs are the worst. This week we also had stake conference and we were able to bring one of our investigators, Lily! She is amazing! Our zone leaders are also teaching her too. She speaks Spanish and English and she is awesome! She made us all lunch on Friday! She loves the gospel and the Book of Mormon, she knows that she is going to be baptized we are just waiting for the actual date!

This week was hard because we had meetings pretty much all week and we couldn't really go out and work because of the bed bugs. I was super frustrated at the situation! All I wanted to do was to go out and work, and to preach the gospel, but like the mission always does, it teaches you patience. Yesterday, at about 7:30pm, we finally were rewarded for our rough week as we found an amazing family of 4! They were an answer to a lot of prayers and they are just so prepared by Heavenly Father! I am excited to work with them and teach them more about the restored gospel. One thing that struck me so much about them is that the wife told us that her mother didn't believe the family to be the most important thing in life, but my companion and I were able to testify of the importance of family. The phrase, "A missionary is away from their family for 18 months to 2 years so other families can be together for eternity!" rings so true in my mind! I love missionary work and I love this gospel. 

Have a wonderful week, I love you all!

Hermana Cattich


Monday, October 6, 2014

We love you, we love you, we love you....YA!

Wow family, this week was really something else. Conference was great! I was able to watch all of the sessions with investigators, recent converts and all of the missionaries. My favorite talk was by Elder Bednar of the final session and then all of the talks from the Young Womens Session. I feel like a reoccuring theme was "build your foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ" and "perservere to the end!" I love both of these! As missionaries we teach others the doctrine of Christ so that they can start a firm foundation for their personal lives and for their families. Then, we teach them that it is not enough just to be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost but that we need to continue doing the right things every day to further our conversion. I loved some of the answers that they gave us or things that we should do weekly and daily. We need to go to the temple more, we need to hold a regular family home evening, and we need to teach our children how to do family indexing and to actively participate in the work of salvation. These are all great lessons that I have learned and that I want to apply to my future family, in 30 years from now :) haha
This week was good. We knocked alot and we had a lot of fun doing it. We even did a "car fast" day which means that we don't use our car at all, we just walked everywhere. I loved it. You can talk to a lot more people and really have some interesting conversations. Its nice now to walk right now because it isn't very hot, so we are probably going to start walking a lot more. We have been doing a lot of finding and we are still working on strengthening the ward. Our ward is so big and the missionaries have a lot of work to do to "rescue the lost and strengthen the feeble knees."he people of our ward are so humble, some of them just need a gentle reminder of what the gospel of Jesus Christ did for them. I love being a missionary and working with these wonderful people.
I am sorry I don't have very much today, but know that I know that this is the work of Heavenly Father, and that there is no place I would rather be. I love and miss you all so much! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Cattich