Monday, October 27, 2014

Babe's Chicken

Well another week has come and gone in the mission field, I am just grateful that it is cooling down here in the state of Texas and that everyone is in the Halloween mood. It if fun to knock doors and see everyones Halloween decorations. I love the fall season! It is the best season to be a missionary!
Decided to "Boo" some of the missionaries in our area!
This week was another slow one, but I am learning really fast to recognize the little miracles. The family that we are teaching is super great! They invited us to a birthday party of their daughter and they want to come to church. Church is always the hardest part for people, I don't really understand why, but when they finally come to church you feel like you have accomplished a marathon, but this week we did just that. A few weeks ago we had a dinner with an older woman in our ward. She is a little bit crazy but she has a big heart and loves to help the missionaries. When we were leaving, there was a man walking into his apartment, so we decided to contact him. Our member was pretty much jumping down his throat that he needed to listen to us. We gently played it off and walked away not thinking much of it. Earlier this week we got a phone call from the member saying that the man was interested to hear a message, so we set up an appointment and taught him in her apartment. The lesson was fine, the member got us off topic a lot talking about unvirtuous women and super random topics but all was good. She then told the man that he was going to drive her to church on Sunday, and that he didn't have a choice! We were shocked that he actually showed up yesterday to church. He is an interesting man and around us he is kind of awkward, but he made so many friends in Priesthood! It was crazy! Oh well, Heavenly Father is blessing us for our efforts.
This week there is a family in our ward that took us out to dinner, they took us to the famous Babe's Chicken! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! I am taking my family there when we come back and visit! It is a classic Texas place with lots of fried chicken! They are some of my favorite members! AH, I love being a missionary!
I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us. I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God and that we have the commandments to help us and not hinder us. I love living the gospel because it only helps me be happier in life. I love being a missionary and sharing this gospel with others, I love Jesus Christ. I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Hermana Cattich
Sunday evening walk in the park!

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