Monday, October 20, 2014

Tender Mercies!

Well this week was another fun week full of knocking doors but my companion and I have been able to have good, deep talks about realizing the tender mercies that Heavenly Father has blessed us with everyday. It is been a really cool experience to reflect on how we see our Heavenly Father help us and bless us everyday. This week, one of the elders that is serving in my zone, got hit by a car on his bike so we offered them our car because the elder was having troubles walking. We were without a car for a little while, but that was great! We were able to talk to so many people on the streets as we were walking, stopped people bus stops and visited a lot of laundry mats. It was really good! We also are working with a less active family, the Anguianos and they are soooo funny! They will always make us really good hispanic food but they always seem to find a way to make fun of me for not liking beans! They are great!
An update on Fransisco and Vivanna, (the family that we found last week!) They are awesome! We had a lesson with them yesterday night about the Book of Mormon. They are so eager and willing to read the Book of Mormon. We were also invited to the birthday party of their 8 year old daughter, which is great because we have only been meeting with them for about a week now. We have made a really good friendship with them though. The blessings of Heavenly Father are everywhere, we just have to stop and think about them everyonce in awhile. I feel like as a missionary sometimes I am rushed to meet the number goals that we have set, or to just go out and work and knock till my knuckles bleed, but Hermana Walton has really taught me to appreciate the little things. Heavenly Father has so many tender mercies for his missionaries, and I am so lucky to be able to see them first hand!
Have a great week, I love you all!
Hermana Cattich

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