Monday, November 3, 2014

All Jokes Aside...

Happy Late Halloween! Oh my goodness, this was probably the best holiday that I have had on my mission. But before I talk about Friday night, I would just like to tell you about a funny story that happened this past week that brought a little laughter, hopefully it makes sense.
So on Thursday night, we were going to have a lesson with Jacob at the apartment of a single lady member. We decided to invite our ward mission leader, Hermano Cardoso. We called him up a few days before and he said that he had something going on that night, but that he would try and reschedule it so that he could come out with us. A little while later he got back to us and said that he could come! We were excited because we knew that Jacob just needed some good solid men to be friends with in church. So on Thursday night, we go to the lesson and Hermano Cardoso is laughing the whole time. I didn't understand why, but I just decided to let it go and just keep teaching. All of a sudden, about 10 minutes into the lesson, there was a knock on the door. The lady went and opened her door and then all of a sudden we could hear the laugh of one of the other elders that serves in our ward. Hermana Walton and I looked at eachother and I could tell she was thinking the exact same thing I was, "What are Elder Vang and Elder Nebeker doing here?" Well they walk in and they have the bishops son with them. We all make eye contact and all 4 of us are wondering the same thing, why is the other companionship here. Hermano Cardoso, the ward mission leader, is just laughing. Well we try to bring back the spirit into the lesson and we were just all super confused the whole time. Hermana Walton and I taught the whole lesson infront of the Elders and the bishops son, and they were just laughing at us the whole time. After the lesson, I wanted to know what in the world they were doing there! It turns out that the thing that Hermano Cardoso had to do that night was home teaching and because he wanted to go out with us he had to find a replacement to go with his companion, the bishops son. His replacement was the Elders. It turned out that he was supposed to home teach the Hermana that was letting us have the lesson in her apartment. There was just a big mix up of confusion and communication. It ended up being quite the laugh!
Us and our Zone Leaders!
Okay, so for Halloween. We had a normal working day and then our mission president didn't want us out on Halloween night so he let all of zones get together to have a zone party/meeting. Well it started at 6 and let me just say, I have the BEST zone leaders. We had to have 45 minutes of spiritualness and then we could play sports or do whatever we wanted to do. So to start off, our zone leaders let us have a fireside with a "campfire" in the Relief Society room. We all talked about why we were on missions and our testimonies. We talked about who we are as people and what our purpose and potential is in this life. The spirit was super strong, and everyone was crying. I loved hearing some of the other stories of why people were missionaries, and what their purpose was for being here. After the spiritual part, our zone leaders asked us to bring clothes that we wouldn't mind getting dirty in. They had set up a bunch of minute-to-win-it games and we were all split into teams. The winning team got to smash pies in the Zone Leaders faces! There was a bunch of little events and then there was a big relay race. Everyone was laughing and having a ton of fun. My companions team won the challenge, so afterwards we all went out to the parking lot and watched the zone leaders get pied in the face. My companion was the last person to pie them in the face and instead of throwing it at our zone leaders she decided to pie me right in the face. This triggered a zone food fight, and the rest is history. Everyone was laughing and having so much fun. I think it was a great break from the work. All of the companionships have been struggling with the work this past transfer and you could tell that the stress was all getting to us, but to have that night to just laugh and spend time together as a zone was great!
Patricio at his baptism!
Another miracle this week. So some of you may remember my first baptism in the mission, the Putz family. Well yesterday I was able to watch Hermano Putz baptize his 8 year old son, Patricio. It was so cool! This family is amazing and it was so rewarding to watch one of my converts exercise his priesthood and baptize his son! Ah, missionary work, there is just no work that compares to it! They also asked me to sing with my companion. If anyone has ever heard me sing, I can't sing, but the members told us that they could feel the spirit and that is all that matters. I love being out here more and more every week Transfer calls are coming up this week and I am a little nervous as to where I might go but I am excited for another adventure! I hope everyone has a great week and knows that I love them all so very much.
Hermana Cattich

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