Monday, November 10, 2014

Lights will guide you home!

Well family, this week there was a HUGE curveball in the mission. We are no longer getting transfer calls on Saturday nights. Instead they will call us Monday night between 9:00pm and 10:00pm and tell us whether or not we are getting transfered. If we are, we have to be packed up by the next morning and be at a transfer meeting at 8:00 in Dallas to be told where we will be going and who will be our new companions. No one likes this change! It is stressing a lot of people out. I am nervous to find out what is going to happen to us, but we won't know until tonight! President Taylor changed it so that missionaries wouldn't spend 2 days saying goodbye to people (Sunday and Monday) instead of working, so we will see how this goes tonight! Part of me thinks that I will stay here in Carrollton, which would be interesting, but whatever the Lord wants me to do, I will do it!
This week, other than that, was pretty great! We had our last zone meeting and talked about our "Vision." Not just for the mission, but for our life. Where we see ourselves in 5, 10, 20 years and for the eternities. It was a really good training by Elder James and Elder Day! President Taylor wants every missionary to have a vision, and to clearly set goals, and that was good for me to evaluate my time on the mission and the time I have left. I am going to mission this zone so much. My Zone Leaders are awesome and all of the missionaries in it are just so much fun, literally my second family!
We also were able to have a Sisters Conference in the mission, where all the sisters got together and talked about how we can become better misssionaries, women, and futuer mothers. Of course we talked about personal worth, and not being to hard on ourselves. There were tears shed and laughs that we had! It was a great uplifting meeting. My old companion, Hermana Ruesch, was incharge of it and she did an awesome job! She goes home in 2 days! It is SO WEIRD to watch your missionary friends and companions go home, and then when they are home to hear from them.
We are teaching an amazing family right now, and we had a lesson with them Thursday night. We brought one of the Mia Maid teachers with us and it turned out that her little sister is best friends with the family's daughter. Weird how that all works out. They were super excited to see that they knew members in our church. That was just a reminder to me that ANYONE can be interested in the church, take every opportunity to talk about it and just be an example of who you are.
We had the primary program yesterday in church, and of course, it was the best sacrament meeting of the year! We had dinner with the Larsens, an english family that I have become super close with, and they wanted to feed us before we got transfered. I am scared for what is going to happen, but it will all be okay. This ward is so great! There are so many people and they are just so kind to all the missionaries. I will tell you all what happens next week for transfers! Know that I love each and everyone of you, and I hope that everyone enjoys getting ready for the holiday season!
Hermana Cattich
Hermana Ruesch and all of her companions that are left on the mission.

All of the Sisters in our Zone! WOOHOO!

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