Monday, November 17, 2014

Third time is a charm....RIGHT!?!

Well family, I don't even think that I can begin to explain this past week. Just a week ago I was sitting with all my buddies of the Carrollton Zone, and now I am in a completely different world it feels like. This past week has been quite a roller coaster and I guess you could say that I am still trying to "catch on and enjoy the ride." Don't worry I won't have a pity party in this letter/email but I will just try to describe my last week for you all.

So last Monday was preparation day and I was with all the missionaries of the Carrollton Zone playing sports and having a great preparation day. No one knew that everything was literally going to change that night. At about 7:30pm, our zone leader Elder Day called Hermana Walton and I and told us that we were both getting doubled out of Carrollton so we both needed to be packed up and ready to leave by 8 am the next morning. We started to cry instantly and ran around trying to say goodbye to everyone before our 9pm curfew. It turns out that most of our Zone got transferred and that everyone was going to be changing! It was crazy! Tuesday morning we jammed all of our stuff into our little car and headed out to the transfer meeting in Dallas. There we all went into the chapel and no one had any idea what was going on. The assistants came in with President Taylor and they started saying the new companionships and areas. My old Zone Leader Elder Day was made assistant, so we were all happy for him. They went through all the zones and I felt like mine was the last one, I was transferred to the Heath Zone. I have been doubled in and I am back up training a new missionary, Hermana Merrell! I was not expecting this at all, and this is my 3 time being doubled in on my mission, so I knew what we were getting into.

Well the first few days were SUPER stressful, trying to figure everything out and learn about the members, investigators, recent converts and less actives. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and that I could never collect my thoughts. I have had to pray more this past week than ever in my life, I just needed to really understand that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that everything is going to be alright.

We had a great week trying to figure everything out. Hermana Merrell and I are just trying to laugh through all the awkward moments and moments of frustration because there is literally nothing we cant do about it. Getting doubled in makes you feel like you are just going into a darkened room with a blindfold on, at least her and I are in this together. Through all the craziness this week, we were able to set a baptismal date. This man has been an investigator for ever and we were able to be firm with him and he finally chose a date that he wants to be baptized. He is a very humble and gentle old man that is battling cancer, but he is wonderful and came to church yesterday. Oh, the tender mercies of Heavenly Father because even after all of the craziness we were able to have 3 investigators at church! WOOHOO!!

Well family I sure love you all lots, and I hope that everyone is enjoying this FREEZING cold weather.....I know that I'm not! Well everyday is a great day to be a missionary and Heavenly Father really does love all of us! Have a great week!

Hermana Cattich


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