Monday, December 1, 2014

#ShareTheGift pt. 2

Well, this week was another great one! I love Rowlett Texas so much! It is the perfect little Texas town and there is just so many nice people here. The ward is amazing and has really caught the vision of sharing the gospel. It is a small ward, really small actually, but they have such strong testimonies of the gospel, it is amazing! Thanksgiving was wonderful on the mission! I can't believe that this is my second Thanksgiving. I remember sitting at last Thanksgiving with my trainer, and thinking to myself that the next year was going to drag on, but just a blink of an eye later, it's Thanksgiving again and I am training. We had a great day though. We got fed a ton and laughed alot too. The members had a "Turkey Cup" to play soccer in the morning and so the missionaries went to go talk with all the ward members and one of the Hermanos just brought out a Turkey and slammed it on the table and began slice up some good pieces of turkey, it was super funny. We were able to eat a lot and enjoy some really good company! I love being a missionary at this time!

We are working with 2 amazing people right now. One is Hector and he is just AMAZING! He has been meeting with the missionaries for a long time now and we finally have a baptismal date with him. His progress has been really rapid in the church but he has lung cancer and he has to get chemo every week so he has missed out on a few lessons and church attendance, so we have had to move more slowly with him. He has come to church every week though since I have been here and he comes to all the church activities. For example, last night the Heath Texas Stake put on a choir concert for the Christmas season and so we all went to that and had a grand ole time! The other awesome person we are working with is David. He is 22 and has so much curiosity in finding the true church. He came to church yesterday and really loved it. It is so cool to see a person that is the same age as me have so much interest in church, you don't really find that now a day. I am excited to work with him, we might try and get him to do to the YSA ward though so he could be with people that are more of his age! We were also given a name of a part member family to work with from the Bishop. The family just moved from California and they are super cool. We stopped by with them on Thanksgiving and we have a Family Home Evening with them tonight! WOOHOO!!

It is so fun to be a missionary right now because I feel like people are more open to listen to a message about Jesus Christ, when this is the season that we need to be making him the center of our lives. We had a zone meeting this week and let me just say the church is amazing! Recently, our church has made a video for Christmas and now all the missionaries are working so hard to share this video with EVERYONE! We are sharing it with people that we meet while contacting, dinner appointments with members, less actives, investigators, just EVERYONE! So I invite you all to check out this video as well and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and just anywhere you can! I will put the link to the video at the end, but it is an amazing short video that can really bring the spirit of Christmas into your home! The church has released this called, "He is the gift" and with it they are going to take over YouTube for a day, on December 7th, and also in Time Square, have billboards for the video. It is so awesome!

I forgot to add that this week one of my old companions came back to the mission and suprised me! It was so good to see Hermana McDaniel! She was here for Thanksgiving with her family. So weird to see an old companion not dressed as a missionary with a tag, but still awesome to see her. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and takes the time to share this video with everyone and watch it as a family for family home evening. I love you all so much!

Hermana Cattich


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