Monday, August 25, 2014

What a thrill!

WOW WOW WOW! This week has been a wave of emotions, and everything in the entire world, but it has honestly been one of the best weeks of my mission. I'll talk about all the emotions I felt on transfer day later on haha. But first, I have a new companion, her name is Hermana Walton and she if from Utah. She is awesome and just like me. We have found so many similarities and we get along great! We laugh all the time, and we are already seeing miracles. She loves to work hard and she is trying so hard to get right into the missionary "swing of things" and has made this transition for me so much easier! It has been great!
So here is how transfers went. I drove with Hermana Enriquez and we were screaming in the car because we both didn't have any idea who my companion would be. I don't think I was breathing normally that entire car ride to Dallas! So there is my emotion of "WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING?!" When we got there, we saw some of the leaving missionaries, including Hermana McDaniel, and I started to cry. So there I felt sad! We talked for a few minutes and with other departing missionaries, and then we went into the transfer meeting and I saw Hermana Maxfield and she looked like a ghost. (She is the other trainier) We both started talking about how nervous we were! So now I was nervous. Then after the transfer meeting, I was pumped up (super happy) because of what President Taylor talked to us about. Then he came up to me and shook my hand and asked me if I was ready for this. Then I started to feel inadequate. He kindly told me that he knew that I could do this and he was so excited for me. The assistants then came up to Hermana Maxfield and I and told us that we could do it, but we needed to be in a meeting right then. I was rushed in saying my final goodbyes to Hermana McDaniel and to all the other missionaries at transfers. We had a trainers meeting and they were being pretty harsh with us telling us all that we needed to do, all I could think was, "What have a gotten myself into!" But all was good, with all the other trainers. The other trainers are awesome and we all get along great. Then the new missionaries came in, and my heart was pounding. 2 of the Elders had a training for all of us and then, President Taylor walks out with the Assistants and tell us that they are now going to choose who is going to be eachothers companion. THEY DIDNT EVEN KNOW BEFORE WE GOT THERE. I was freaking out. When them came back in, they paired up the english sisters and then it was mine and Hermana Maxfield turn. We went up to the front of the room, and then all of a sudden. I realized, President Taylor still didn't know who our companion was going to be, he was going to let the spirit tell us. SAY WHAT! Hermana Watts walked right up to Hermana Maxfield and Hermana Walton walked right up to me, and there we have it my new companion! CRAZY! We grabbed her stuff and went right off to work.
Sorry for my long story, but It was just an intense morning. But the rest of the week has been great. Heavenly Father has been helping me out so much this past week and has given me the strength to continue on and to wake up with energy. I have realized I know a lot more Spanish than I thought I did, and so that has been cool for me. Hermana Walton doesn't speak any Spanish, but she is trying so hard and I am so proud of her for that. We met some cool people this week, but I am just trying to work with her on the basics of contacting and of the lessons so we are talking to everyone we see. It has been fun, and tiring. We are both so tired at 10:30 at night, it is crazy! I have been so humbled this week and really have turned to my Heavenly Father for help. It has been amazing.
Sorry if you couldn't follow my story, but I thought I would try to tell it! I hope everyone has a great week and that you are all happy and healthy!
Love you all,
Hermana Cattich

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