Monday, July 28, 2014

What's Good Family?!?

I can tell you what is good in Texas, MISSIONARY WORK, and the Texas heat and bugs! While working so hard and knocking into some pretty interesting people, we have been so blessed with the opportunity to teach the Restoration. Even if they are not interested in the gospel, everyone has to hear the Restoration at least once in their life time!
This week I recieved a phone call from my previous area saying that Lily, the lady that I taught, is going to get married and baptized on the 9th of August! WOOHOO!! She has been taught by SOOO many missionaries, and the elders gave up on her, but when Hermana McDaniel and I got doubled into Dallas, we found her again and now she is going to get baptized! I am so excited to go back to Dallas with Hermana McDaniel. This baptism is going to be the last week of her mission, I am pumped!
Heavenly Father loves me so much, and I love him. This week he also let us be wittnesses of another miracle. A lady that we have been teaching for so long, named Concepcion, told us that she was going to be baptized. We have been working with her for almost 3 months now and teaching her has been a cause of a lot of frustration and tears. But this past Friday, we had a lesson with her and a lady from the ward, and we talked about baptism and confirmation. She said that she knows that she is going to be baptized one day and she wants to be baptized before we leave so we can "see the fruits of our labors." Hermana Enriquez and I started to cry after she said this! We are so blessed! She came to church on Sunday and in Relief Society they asked her to give the closing prayer. The ward has been pretty good with accepting her in and making her feel like a member already! The best part is when we first met her she told us that she was going to die a Baptist, but when the Jehova Wittnesses came to her door she told them that she was Mormon!
This past week we had Interviews with President Taylor. I don't know why but every interview I have, I just start crying right when I walk in. President Taylor is amazing and knows just how to help every missionary. He gave me some great advice and helped me realize my potential as a missionary. While our companion meets with President Taylor we meet with the Assistants and also get trained by the Zone Leaders! My zone leaders are the best, I think they are my favorite so far, Elder Day and Elder Schaat. I served around both of them in Plano so it has been fun to serve around them again! They gave an amazing training on something called a Belief Window (it was something Elder Day learned from psychology in college) and they related it to missionary work. It was awesome! My companion and I got a lot of questions answered from their training!
Right now we are trying something new with the members! Everytime we have dinner with them, we ask if for the first 10 minutes we can do an activity! We call it the "10 Minute Missionary!" We tell them that we are going to split up and going to knock 5 doors on their street or the next street over and we are going to contact people. Then after the activity, during dinner, we talk about their experiences and what they felt. We then talk about missionary work and share our testimonies of really how we need the members to help us and that we all have a part in this great work! It has been really fun! We always have dinner with a family named the Monsivais! They are my favorite members! They have a son that didn't want to go on a mission but we have been working with him for a little while and out of the blue, he just started asking me questions about the mission. We talked for a little while and he didnt say much, but yesterday he told me that he had an interview witht he bishop about serving a mission! YAY!!
Life is so good family! Even if I sweat and come home at night with drenched clothes, there are still people out there waiting for me! I just have to keep working until I find them! I love Jesus Christ and I love this work! Have a great week everyone!
Hermana Cattich
Come what may and love it!

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  1. Dear Hermana Alex...whenever i try and post to this, it takes me two tries...and I forget what I had said the first time. Anyways, how cool to be able to write to you by regular mail, through your lds mail and here! We are so proud of you and the way you share your testimony and zest for life with others. Tell us more about the Monsevais family and about Concepcion. You always talk about the little everyday miracles. You are always trying to be in tune.
    Dad and I had a great experience at the Joseph Smith family farm and at the Hill Cumorah visitor's center yesterday. Many pictures to share. Must catch some sleep.
    Love you to the moon and back. You are in our prayers many times a day.
    Xoxoxo mom