Monday, July 21, 2014

The good mission life!

Thank you for all your prayers about the weather! This past week it was in the 70's all week, it was perfect! Sadly, starting today, it will be back in the 100's. I don't know why I am complaining, I love being a missionary! This past week, we knocked a lot and also went on exchanges. I was able to go to Grand Prarie,Texas for the day with Hermana Warmbier. It was a really good, successful, learning day!
Exchanges with Hermana Warmbire
We were able to find a miracle this week. Her name is Ester and we knocked into her. We shared the first lesson with her and she was crying. She explained how she has been searching for a church but doesn't feel welcome whenever she attends. We took this opportunity to talk about the Restoration and our church/what it was like. We then invited her to be baptized. She accepted, but since then we have not been able to get ahold of her or find her home. This was a miracle that we were able to see, but so many times in this area we see those miracles and then the next day they are gone. They are either not interested anymore, or we can never get ahold of them. Hermana Enriquez and I have been talking about what we are doing wrong, that all these miracles just end up slipping through our fingers, and we are trying to do new things. I know that right now in my mission Heavenly Father is helping me develop the Christ-like attributes of patience and humility. This is just a time in my mission where he wants me to grow, and to show myself my true colors.
Every week is like this, a new trial and a new lesson to be learned, but I am so thankful for all the growing that has happened spiritually and mentally! I know that it is not becuase of me that I am growing, but it is because of my Heavenly Father. He is helping me become the person that he wants me to be, and if I do the work his way, and with his guidance, I will be successful. I am thankful for this opportunity to put all my trust and strength in the Lord, I know that without him, nothing would be possible. Without him, there wouldn't be anything! I think this is teaching me a lesson for the future, when I am married and have my own children. The lesson is that I need, at all times, to have my trust in the Lord and realize that he is a valuable and necessary part of my life.
My companion and I. Sorry it is blury!
Exchanges were great! Hermana Warmbier is a great example to me and we were able to talk about different attributes of Christ that are in Preach My Gospel. We studied them and selected different ones to work on and we made a plan on how to work on each of them. We were able to teach various lessons and really talk/reflect on our missions. She goes home at the end of this transfer and so it was hard for her to talk about how it was almost the end. I can't believe that this past week I have hit 10 months in my mission. Time is flying faster than I want it too, but I am excited for the summer to be over!
I was reading in the Book of Mormon this week about Alma and Amulek and their missionary work. They suffered a whole lot more than I ever have and probably ever will but in the end, after their trials, Heavenly Father freed them from the jail, and they were able to convert hundreds of people. This shows me that Heavenly Father is with us always and no matter how many trials we have, in the end he will help us. Our righteous desires and prayers will be granted. I am thankful for all the examples of missionaries in the scriptures and I love hearing their stories and realizing that I am right along with them, changing the hearts of many and bringing the gospel to those that need it! I hope everyone knows that I love them, and that I hope everyone has a great week and is enjoying their summer vacation
Love you all,
Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Cattich

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