Monday, July 14, 2014

Dios estara con tigo donde quiera que vayas!

Hello family! Seems like just yesterday that I was writing my last email to y'all. These weeks are just going faster and faster! This week I hit my 10 month mark and I will just skip all the cliche things that I could say but really time is just flying! This week was hot, as usual! I think it is just hard for me because everyday is 95+, there really is no break at all! When we wake up it is already 80 degrees outside and our car is like a sauna, but I am so thankful that we have a car and that we aren't on bikes. The poor elder that are in our area! Our area is pretty small so whenever we see them we give them the ice cold water that we have in our car.
Missionary Sports on Preparation Day!
We had a really hard week, there just really is not a lot of friendly people and no one wants to open the door when it is so hot outside. We tried contacting at a local water park and we ran into some members from a different stake. They were some cute moms that gave us water and some snacks to eat! I love running into members, they are always so nice to us! We are continuing to work with the familia Valdez-Flores and we taught them the book of Mormon. We brought this cute new couple in our ward with us. The couple met on their missions and she is from Bolivia and he is from New Zeland. They served in the Washington DC Spanish mission and the man actually served with/ around Dallin Calvert. Fun to make that connection, but they are great and since they have served a mission, they really have that missionary fire!
I think that is another reason why Heavenly Father lowered the mission age is so that more people would be returned missionaries and have that fire to want to share the gospel becuase they have served missions too and they know/remember what it was like. Literally this work goes no where without the members, we need their help so much!
All the water you drink in a week in Texas!
On Saturday morning, one of the Hermanas texted us from the ward and asked me to give a talk the next day in sacrament meeting....oh goodness. The topic was "Standing in Holy Places." I think I did alright only having one day to prepare a talk in Spanish, but I read a ton of scriptures about the topic and my favorite is in Joshua 1:9. I think most people have heard/ read this scripture, but it says, "Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the lord thy god is with thee withersoever thou goest." I love this scripture so much! Some times it is hard to remember that we are not alone and that we always have someone supporting us from our Heavenly home! In my talk, I talked about how the home can be a holy place if we just allow it to be. If we use our home to proclaim our faith, if we invite the spirit of love and happiness and if we work together as a family, our home can be a holy place where we can stand!
Life is good everyone! I hope we never forget to realize all the blessings that we have everyday! Love you all!
Hermana Cattich

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