Monday, July 7, 2014

Lift where you stand!

Well this week was for sure a re-vamp for my companion and I. These past few weeks have been hard and it has just been a whole new kind of missionary work, but with the start of a new transfer, we are ready to go! We recieved transfer calls on Saturday and we are staying together for one more! Woohoo, I am actually going to have some stability with my companions. All of my companions I have just had for one, so I am excited! I think we work really well together!
This week we got to meet our new mission President and let me just say, HE IS AMAZING! I am so excited! We had a combined meeting with some of the zones in the mission on Friday where we got to meet President Taylor and his family and also talk about the mission vision for the next 3 years. It was probably one of my favorite missionary meetings that we have had. The assistants, Elder Williams and Elder Larsen did a training about "Daytons Legs" and how we need to change missionary work in our areas. The Zone Leaders all did an open discussion about new things to try and new ways to improve our areas. After the meeting, Hermana Enriquez and I were talking and the meeting was an answer to ALL of our questions about are area. It was wonderful! Sister Taylor, his wife, is so sweet and just gave all of the sister missionaries a hug bear hug! Felt good! They also showed us the video of them opening their mission call to come to Texas and it was quite funny!
On Saturday night, we finally met the family that we have been praying for all transfer, la familia Flores-Vasquez. They are wonderful. After countless lessons of Bible bashing and people just arguing and telling us that everyting is wrong, we finally taught a lesson where the spirit was so strong and the family was so receptive! The mom and dad are confused about religion and want to know how they can find the true church. After a powerful lesson of bearing our testimonies and sharing the Restoration of the Gospel, I was just smiling so big inside. I couldn't believe it! After the lesson, we walked out of the apartment, towards our car and I just gave Hermana Enriquez the biggest hug. We turned around and the wife was there standing, watching us, smiling and waving at us! AH it felt so good!
Yesterday in church was testimony meeting and all of the missionaries bore their testimonies. Hermana Enriquez and I wrote little thank you notes to all the ward members that bore their testimonies! It was fun to hand them about after church and see the smiles on the members faces! After the "re-vamp" missionary meeting, all 10 missionaries that are serving in this ward, are ready to get the ball rolling in this ward and start seeing more succes!
I hope everyone has a great week and I want you all to watch this video! It is so good! Its called Dayton's Legs and we related it to missionary work and about how we can all be someones legs in times of difficulty but also to realize the people that have been our legs when we needed support the most!
I love you all!
Hermana Cattich

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