Monday, June 30, 2014


So this week, while we have been knocking all of Carrollton, I have learned the words to the Macarena. (Good Spanish practice and helps you to speak fast!) My companion and I have been laughing so hard which is good because our area right now is pretty slow. We have had some interesting run in's with people and it has just made me dislike people even more! Haha, for example, we knocked on a door and it was a white man in his 50's and this was our conversation:
Us: "Hello we are the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sai..."
Him: "Well let me stop you right there. Let me tell you little ladies something, if you girls would actually read the bible you would know that your church is false and that God and Jesus Christ are the same person. I am not going to read any book from John Smith and there is only heaven and hell but most importantly God and Jesus Christ are the same person. We are Christians and you are not."
Then his wife came from behind him and said, "Here give them something to read that is worth while" and he handed us some anitmormon printoffs. Yes, this is just the day and the life of a missionary, but occasionally we do find those people that are ready to hear the gospel and that is what I am really here for! But in this moment when this man said that to us I wanted to say this:
IN MY MIND: "Well if YOU sir actually read the bible, YOU would see that YOU are wrong, because when Jesus Christ was baptized, how could he have told himself from the heavens, "This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased." And sir if you really are a Christian you wouldn't treat people like that because this is not how Christ would treat people." But don't worry, as fun as it would have been to say that, I didn't! The elders are more aggressive and they have better stories!
But in my studies this week I have been reading in Mosiah about Abinadi and his sacrifice. The king told him that if he took back his words/testimony, they would not kill him, but Abinadi stood firm to what he said. IN return had to pay the price of his life but he stood firm. What an amazing example of a courageous missionary, and although I probably won't be put to death by flames because of my testimony, I shouldn't be scared to tell people at every chance I get that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and we are the true restored church here are the earth.
Other than that, and some other rude contacts, the area is really slow. We are working with one woman though named Concepcion and she is just quite the trial for us. She told us that we are a trial for her too. All of her family are members of our church but she has her firm roots in the Baptist church. She just wants all the proof from the bible about everything that we are saying. It took us 4 hours to teach the Plan of Salvation just from the Bible. I think right now she is just confused and she feels something different with us but it is scared to leave her baptist roots.
The work is great and the sun is hot, but we find a way to make knocking interesting! I hope everyone is enjoying this summer break and is staying cool! Talk to you all next week!
Hermana Cattich

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