Monday, June 16, 2014


Well family, this was probably the hardest week of my mission so far. Sometimes you just have those weeks where you loose faith in the whole entire human race, and this was one of them! We knocked a ton this week and everyone we talked to was extremely rude. We had the door slammed in our face, cuss words and to top it off it was just hot. REALLY HOT! Every lesson we had was insane. People just told us bluntly that they didn't want to hear any more of our "nonsense." Their kids were running around naked and screaming and the dogs were going crazy. Our most solid investigators dropped us, but of course with every challenge there are some lessons learned. My companion and I talked about what we learned from this week so we are excited to change our ways a little bit this upcoming week and hopefully see some success.
One lesson that I learned from this week is that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. All that he does for missionary work never ceases to amaze me! This work really isn't possible without him! I have also learned that when you have had a bad week, he always has a little blessing to give you. So let me give you some back ground on this story/blessing/ miracle.... So a few weeks ago we were on exchanges and Hermana Crosgrove and I found a lady and her son. We taught them the first lesson and while we were talking about the first vision, she just started to cry. We let her just sit there for a few minutes and we let the spirit testify to her. After a few minutes, Hermana Crosgrove asked her and her son to be baptized. They both accepted. We were so excited! Well, for the past few weeks Hermana Enriquez and I have been trying to get a hold of her to go back and teach her but she is always busy. After the really hard week that we had, yesterday morning we decided to call all of our investigators and contacts to invite them to church. We called the lady and she said that she was going to go to her own church. (Not the first time that an investigator has told us that!)
When we got to church, Elder Gardner (my district leader) told us that there was a man here to investigate the church and that he lived in our area. So we went up to meet him. He told us where we lived and who he lived with and it suddenly clicked to me that he was one of the sons of that lady. He then went on to tell us that, " My brother told me that missionaries from this church stopped by to share a message, but I wasn't home!" I was screaming with joy inside. He was a son of the lady that we taught and he was so excited to learn more about the church and he just decided to come and see what it was about. We have a time to go by his house and teach him on Tuesday! How great are the blessings that Heavenly Father has for his missionaries!
This week was hard but I know that we had to get through the hard times to get through to the good stuff. We had a Fathers Day activity on Saturday and of course there was good food and also the World Cup was on, so they were playing a game on the big screen. That is all people do here is sit at home, sleep and watch the World Cup games with a beer in their hand. Seriously every door we knock on we ask them who is playing and what is the score. Its fun though! Life is good!!
Happy Fathers Day to all those wonderful Fathers, especially mine. I am convinced that I have the best dad in the entire world. I am so glad that he supports me on my decision to serve a mission, and I don't know where we would be as a family right now if he hadn't accepted the gospel 18 years ago!
Have a great week!
Que Dios les bendiga! (What everyone tells the missionaries!)
Hermana Cattich

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