Monday, March 2, 2015

"It's like a symphony, just keep listening, and pretty soon you'll start, to figure out your part!"

Well family and friends, this week was a little bit harder than the past few because we were stuck inside a lot with the crazy weather that we have been having. All of Texas shuts down when they even start to see snow flurries, so it has been a slow week. There were ice storms as well and it just has been so cold and wet! My companion and I had a lot of time to clean the apartment, read our scriptures, read just about every Ensign from the past 2 years and watch some good old church movies! It was kind of a slow week and I could tell that my companion was just getting restless, but we are out now and working. This week is going to be a good one, I can just feel it.

This week taught us a lot of patience in the Lord's timing! Our investigator cancelled his baptism because he couldn't leave his house and receive his chemo so he was feeling very weak. Last night we went over and he told us that he just wants to pass away. It was so hard to hear. We are most likely going to have his baptism this week and it won't be anything big, but he just really wants to get baptized and he doesn't know how long he is going to live for. It breaks my heart but we are keeping him in our prayers. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us!

Yesterday was my final fast and testimony meeting as a missionary, so I decided to bear my testimony and I didn't even get through the first sentence before I started to cry. It was rough! I love this ward so much and so many of them are like my family. I am really grateful for this area and for all the support that we have from the members. Also, one of the less actives that we have been working with came to sacrament meeting and bore her testimony as well. Her son is going to get baptized my last Saturday in the mission and I am so excited!

This upcoming week is just going to be wonderful! I am excited for all the work I still need to do here in Rowlett. Thanks for all the love and support!

Hermana Cattich


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