Monday, January 13, 2014

Grab somebody and tell them you love them!

Wow, this week went faster then the last. Transfer calls are already here this upcoming week. I cant believe it! This week my companion and I have experienced some up's and down's but I am reminded that, "Success is going from failure to failure without loosing any enthusiasm." Man, have I had to learn this lesson this week. One fun thing I got to do this week was service. A bunch of companionships in my zone go to an "Old Folks Home" and just talk to the residents and play games with them. Well this past time we were there for "Happy Hour" so we got to sing to all of them some really old songs, that not many of us knew like "Jericho Road" but they thoroughly enjoyed it. There was one lady in the crowd that started singing a song from her church and we sang it over and over again. It was so funny. The words "Grab somebody and tell them that you love them" were in the song and now that is all the missionaries can sing because it is stuck in our heads. But it was such a fun service activity, everyone was smiling and laughing.
Ok, now I will get down to the good stuff this week! Our investigators:
Reyes Family: We taught then the Word of Wisdom and they willingly accepted. They gave us their alcohol and coffee and we threw it out! It was great. The only real problem is they won't get married. This is the only thing that is stopping them. Hermana Reyes wants to so bad, but Hermano Reyes is afraid of another marriage failing. We are going to try and have the bishop talk to them and help them settle their differences so that we can move forward. We had to move her baptismal date back to Feb. 9th, so hopefully we can commit them to this date, if not they could be "eternal investigators", and we don't want that. They came to church yesterday and Hermana Reyes loves Relief Society. She wants to participate in all the activities and it is just so cool to see her smile.
Putz Family: We talked to them about the Word of Wisdom as well and they gave us all their Iced Tea. It was amazing. The Lord really prepares people to accept the gospel. The Putz family is so humble. They practically have nothing. They used to live in a nice house and had a booming business but the house caught on fire and clients never paid them so now they are really struggling for money. They live in a hotel and they don't even have enough money for toilet paper or hand soap. It is really sad, but they are always so happy when we come over. The mom calls us her "ninas" or daughters and she always gives us big hugs. They had to work yesterday (Sunday) because they need the money so they weren't able to come to church. We had to push back their baptismal date as well to Feb. 9th, so we hope that that date will go through. As we were walking out of a lesson with them one night, I just couldn't help but feel love for the Putz family. They are the reason that I am in Lewisville and it is families like them that I am meant to meet and teach.
Although this week has been hard, it has also been very humbling. I have had to put trust in Heavenly Father that he will help everything work out. He really does answer prayers and I can feel his love everyday. Everyday I wake up I am just so excited to get out, do service and teach people the gospel. It is a wonderful change in my life from worrying about myself and now I am worrying about other people, I guess that is how you get lost in the work. Its amazing to see how the gospel changes lives and gives people another reason to smile.
Transfers are this week and either Hermana Vigil or I are leaving. I will let you all know next Monday though. If you need to send me anything this week please send it to the mission office address. It is on my blog website or you can ask my mom. I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember who you are.
Hermana Cattich

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