Monday, January 13, 2014

Deme un abrazo!

Well family and friends HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that all of your celebrations were wonderful and I hope that everyone is enjoying being back at school today! New Year's was like any other day in the mission field. We had to be in bed by 10:30and wake up and 6:30, but it was still fun. We had 2 of the other Hermanas staying in our apartment and we ordered pizza and got noise makers with hats! We then called everyone in our zone and wished them a Happy New Year. We woke up the next morning and continued to work, so not very exciting but that is okay! We continue to see miracles everyday. Yesterday we were able to have 9 investigators in church, 2 families. I think that they enjoyed it and could feel the sprit. We have really had to talk to our investigators about having faith this past week and the importance of being able to put our trust in Heavenly Father as well. I have had to learn this lesson too, I know that if it is meant to be, Heavenly Father will make it happen. Our job as missionaries is to testify to our investigators so that they can feel the Holy Ghost and he can testify to them. We really could not do this work alone.
Our investigators!
Reyes Family: They came to church yesterday, but the dad told us that he doesn't want to get married to Hermana Reyes. We are just so confused on what to do with them. She wants to get married and he doesn't, I think there is something that he is not telling us because he always goes silent when we bring it up. We brought the ward mission leader and a ward missionary with us to a lesson with them and they were able to talk to the Reyes family about the importance of marriage. (Sometimes it is a little hard to have 2 young girls talk to a family about marriage!) Both of the Reyes parents were able to receive priesthood blessings for comfort. I think it was a great lesson, but we just have to figure out how to get over this little hump. We were excited to see them at church yesterday as well even after both of the parents were sick. We will continue to work with them this week and we hope to come up with a solution for Hermano Reyes's doubts.
Putz Family: They came to church! It was amazing! They stayed for all 3 hours and Elder Sears told me that Hermano Putz was participating in Priesthood meeting. It was amazing because the dad is so into church. He sat next to me in Sacrament meeting and was singing all the hymns as well. I am so excited for them! They have 3 kids and they all went to their classes and I think they met some good friends. Coming to church for the first time is always a little overwhelming, especially when it is fast and testimony meeting, so I hope that now they are comfortable about church. We have a lesson with them tomorrow and we found out that they are married! This was the best news ever because now we don't have to worry about married licenses or divorce papers! After the lesson I told my companion, "Deme un abrazo" (Give me a hug!) We were so happy to hear that they are married! The Putz family is planning on getting baptized on January 26th, so we are really hoping that they can continue to keep their commitments and continue coming to church!
We continue to meet and teach new people every week. We are also teaching a couple from Honduras that have seen the new temple down there because it was built close to their house, so that was cool. We have taught them the first 2 lessons and tonight we are meeting with them again. The dad is the one that is holding his reserves because he is a 7th Day Adventist, but the mom doesn't like that church so she is willing to learn more.
This week was great! My district is wonderful and now we have new Zone Leaders! Just last week they switched every zone to be a bilingual zone so we got switched into a different zone. It will be interesting but I am excited for the training that we have this week. I feel like we are a lot closer to this zone. We all play sports together on p-days at the church. This week is going to be freezing, but we have some "hot hand pads" so hopefully that will help! Everything is going well and transfers are in 2 weeks, either Hermana Vigil is leaving or I am, so we will have to see!
I hope you guys have a wonderful week! Shout out to Sam MacKinlay, my cousin, who has finally arrived in Uruguay for his 2 year mission!! Thanks for all of your love and support and I love hearing from everyone! I am sorry that sometimes my Spanish is incorrect in my emails but, I am working on it! Love you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Cattich

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