Saturday, October 12, 2013

Alex's third letter! October 4th 2013

Hola family,

What a week it has been. The time in the MTC is totally warped! Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days, it is so weird. I feel as if I have been in this so called "Spiritual Prison" for years, but no matter what I love it. This week has had its ups and downs. This is the craziest emotional roller coaster I have ever been on, but all I have to do is hold on and enjoy the ride!

To start, an Elder had to go home. It was hard for all of us. We know he will fix whatever is needed to and he will be back out here in no time! It has been weird without him and we miss him a ton.

Elder Teio fractured his foot so he has a boot and a scooter. He WILL NOT wear his boot. He refuses. Whoever thought it was a good idea to give a scooter to a missionary, who will let all of his friends use it, is kinda of dumb. Needless to say, the scooter is broken after several crashes and failed attempts at drifting it. But what is funny is on Wednesday, when the new missionaries come, Elder Padgett was pushing Elder Teio around on the scooter and they were going pretty fast. Elder Teio would scream "WELCOME TO THE CCM!!" It was really funny, they ended up crashing but they are "tough boys" as Elder Teio would say, so everything is all good.

Spanish is extremely hard for me, and I don't know why. I am going to try a new way to study language this upcoming week and hopefully I will see more improvements! My companion and I teach investigators every day, so that is good practice. We also do a thing called TRC which is where volunteers come in from the community and you get to teach them a lesson like a "Family Home Evening." They are usually cute old couples that are fluent in Spanish. They are so fun, and always positive even if we aren't saying anything right it is great. 

On Saturday, I was able to sing at conference!! It was an amazing/spiritual experience! I was so excited to hear from so many of you saying that you guys saw me on TV. That is pretty cool!! But the best part was being pretty much 20 ft away from the prophet. Before the session, we had a devotional with the Relief Society Presidency and at the end they hugged all of us individually. It was so amazing. I was also able to walk around in the "secret tunnels" that everyone talks about, so they are real!

Exciting news: All of the people in my zone got their visas!! They leave for Argentina next Wednesday at 4:30am! I am going to miss them a ton, it will be weird without them, but they will do awesome. They found out yesterday and we had a party last night for them. We like to call Thursday nights PPP or Pre-Pday Party!! Then tonight, we have Fiesta Friday to finish off P-Day. As our last P-Day together as a zone, we all went and did an endowment session the Provo Temple. It was so cool, and it is a lot bigger than it looks! I loved it!

Funny Quote of the Week:
So Elder Teio doesn't really understand the whole companion thing so he wanders a lot....LIKE ALL THE TIME WE LOOSE HIM. Well we lost him a few nights ago, and Elder Padgett was the first one to realize it. He busted down the hallway screaming. "Guys, guys we just lost a 250 pound Tahitian Man!" It was so funny. Everyone was cracking up!

Everyday and every week gets better, I can't wait for next week! I know it will be amazing. We will get new investigators and hopefully I will be able to speak a little more Spanish!

Shoutouts: Timms family!! YOU GUYS ARE MY FAVORITE!! Thank you for all the Canadian chocolate, I was so excited to eat it all. Don't worry, I shared it!! 
Dunbars: Thank you for the beautiful note, that was so nice of you guys!!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!

Hermana Cattich

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