Saturday, October 12, 2013

Alex's second letter! September 27th

This is my second week in the MTC, and let me just say I love it here more every single day. I wish you all could be right beside me experiencing my mission with me, it is just an amazing experience. I have so much to say but I don't have a lot of time to email so I will try and pick out the important stuff. :)

This week, well last Friday, my companion and I taught a whole lesson in Spanish to an investigator. It was the most nerve wracking thing that I have ever done. All I kept thinking was, "I DON'T KNOW SPANISH" and "THIS IS MY SECOND DAY HERE" I thought that it was going to be the worst thing in the world, but it was completely opposite. My companion speaks more Spanish than I do, so just listened and I could understand and say some things. I put in my few words every once in awhile. To finish up the lesson, I had to say the closing Spanish. Once I began to pray I had this calm feeling come over me that no matter what I said, the Spirit was there. I know that my prayer didn't make any sense but afterwards I began to cry. I was able to show the investigator how important the gospel is to me and show them my faith in Heavenly Father. Coming out of the lesson, I felt so good about myself, even if I only understood 15% of what the investigator was saying. All I could think of was how I really can't do this alone and if I am willing to accept his help, then he will be right beside me every step of the way. He is my other companion.

I get frustrated a lot with my Spanish. It is not coming as quick as I want it to but it is still coming a long. One minute I can feel so confident about it and the next, I get so frustrated with myself. I just have to remember that I will get through the storm and I will be able to be happy with myself. Right now I am just learning everything. Heavenly Father knows we can't be perfect, but we can always try our hardest and he will help us out.

My testimony of the gift of tongues has grown so much this past week. Elder Teio, the Elder that only speaks French, has picked up English and Spanish faster than everyone in my district. It is amazing to hear him bear his testimony in English. Although it is broken English and often times doesn't make a lot of sense, you can tell he has real emotion and he believes every word that he says. We had a testimony meeting on Tuesday with my zone, which is just 17 people, but I don't think I have ever felt the spirit stronger in any setting. The faith and desire that each Elder and Hermana that I meet, it just amazing. It is so cool that you could put 17 complete strangers in a room together and you will all work together no matter the differences because we all have the same common goal. We all have something that we want to share. I know that I was supposed to meet each and every single one of these Elders and Hermanas for a purpose. It amazes me that in just a week I feel as if I have gained 16 new brothers and sisters.

Our zone got a new district on Wednesday. 3 Elders and 4 Hermanas and they are all going to Argentina. They are still trying to figure everything about but they are nice! I know exactly how they feel right now, but my "family" just got bigger!!

Most of the people in my zone have been reassigned. We will find out I believe next week where they are going. Most of them are really excited about being reassigned and others aren't to happy, it is kind of a touchy subject. But for the most part, they are excited to practically open their mission call again!

Funny moments this week:
Teaching our investigator this week, my companion and I asked him to pray. He said yes and then prayed with us. The next day, we went back and taught him another lesson and then asked him to pray again and he said no. My companion told him that he could do it but he still refused. After trying to talk him into it, I leaned over and told my companion that I could pray. She turned back to me and yelled, "No, I am going to get him to pray" It was really funny at the time cause the investigator speaks English so he just laughed at us. He is not really an investigator, he is already a member of the church he is just a volunteer that is fluent in Spanish. 

I met Elder Ferrin. If you guys haven't seen the video on Youtube called EFY Girls, it is a parody to California Girls, watch it. He is taller one! At the beginning it sounds really weird but it gets to be pretty funny. He is in the zone that we are really close with. It was funny, I was almost star struck when I saw him, but it was cool to say that I have met a Youtube star! :)

Gym time is so much fun. Never have I seen 4- square be so intense! it is so much fun! We are really close with this other zone and we always have competitions. I just love it here!!

Tomorrow is the Relief Society broadcast from the Conference Center. I will be in the choir so look for a girl in a pink shirt. I know that there are plenty of pink shirt people but that will help narrow down your search!! :)

Shout out to the Timms for the letter!! Thank you so much, and thank you Greyson for the artwork. I have it hanging up in my dorm. I sent you guys a letter back in the mail today so look for it!!

I hope everyone has an amazing week and I would love to hear from everyone!! So write me letters, emails or dear elders!!

Love you guys and thank you for all your support!!

Hermana Cattich

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